Monday, May 28, 2012

Prayer Pillow

A healthymomlady knows that she ALONE is not very cool.  She knows that she and her Hubster can NOT raise their children without divine assistance. 

The other day I was reading my very-near-perfect- friend's blog (Susette) . I was so inspired by this darling pillow that she found at a craft store for her daughters bed which read....

 "Don't forget to say your prayers"!

Most every night when I tuck my older children in bed I tell them the very same thing. Derek still loves me to kneel with him and listen to his prayers at night. And Sebastian cannot talk quite yet, so we sing a primary song instead.  But the older two have well reached the age of independent
pray-ers! So in an effort to help them remember to talk to their maker ( besides my gentle vocal reminders) , I decided to make a throw pillow for Lexi's bed to start.  I would like to make one for each of my children's beds eventually....but these things take time.    I have never really done embroidery before so I was Grateful it turned out legible!

I hope every day and night as my children are making and undressing their beds that they will read their pillow that was hand stitched with lots of love( and uncoordination) and remember to kneel and pray to that God who gave them life and who sustains them from day to day.

More than anything else, as a mama, I hope to instill in the hearts of my children, the desire to always pray and to turn to their Father in Heaven for comfort, guidance and forgiveness.


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