Monday, June 25, 2012


It was my turn to teach the lesson at church today.  I love my calling so much....except for the actual teaching part (ha ha)  It gives me a great opportunity to really study the different subjects in the gospel in more depth than I probably would normally.  I find it to be such a miracle every single month to see how my lessons come together.... "Here a little and there a little" .  This whole month I have been preparing for my lesson on ADVERSITY.  Super Fun huh!  Amongst my study, I found the cutest little object lesson that I must share.   

Roses that are grown in a hot-house are very beautiful but their scent is weak.  Why is that?  Hothouse roses don’t have to develop a heavy scent to attract bees in order to flourish. They are fed, watered and watched over by the gardener, all in ideal conditions.  Outdoor roses face much harsher conditions:  wind, rain, cold, heat, and bugs.  Outside roses must develop the strong rose scent to attract the bees.  Roses raised out of doors are both beautiful to see and smell. 
If we lived under perfect conditions with no temptation or adversity, we would not develop our “scents” as best as we might have, had we been strengthened through adversity.  It is those who are tempered in the heat of the Lords oven of adversity who develop a beautiful scent.  They bring joy and gladness to all around them and are beautiful spiritually. 

 All I know is I better "SMELL" fantastic after raising 5 children!!!  Ha Ha Ha!

I tried to make some cookies that reassembled roses to go with my lesson. 


But I hope they still tasted good!


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