Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scripture Focused Summer

I am so excited about this coming summer
 that I can hardly stand it!

I shall call it...

"Spectacular Scripture Summer"!

We have been promised in 2 Nephi 32:3 that if "We will feast upon the words of Christ, the words if Christ will tell you all things what ye should do"! I am pretty sure this included summer time fun plans for children...don't cha think?


To make it a little mysterious and detectivy (is that a word?) each evening before bed, I will give the kids their scripture chapter clue --that will give them a hint as to what I have planned for the following day. Isn't that just sneaky of me? For Derek who is almost 6 years old, I will read him the clue verse after we read a chapter in the Scripture Reader:

I really want my children to absorb more of the treasures that are in the scriptures. So I have prepared a little Scripture Treasure note book for each of them to write down a special something they have learned from that particular chapter of the scriptures. Something which has touched their heart and how they could apply it to their life. And also their best guess as to our activity for the following day.

(These are just composition books with scrapbook paper glued on with adhesive spray and then covered with contact paper.)

My children are going to learn many good things in school. But the one thing they can not learn there is how to apply the scriptures in their lives and how to gain a testimony for their very own. I hope so much that scripture summer may help in a small way in achieving this very lofty goal. 

Now you may be thinking.... "What kind if crazy activities is she going to find to do based on scripture"? 

Which I would say to that------ "There are not enough days in the entire year to do them all!".

Here are a few of our favorites activities we did: 

Make a Title Of Liberty
Finger Knitting
Paint the Pavement
A Special Hike
Light In our vessels
Slippery Slime
Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe
Plant Seeds
Book Worms
Water Slides
Sleep in tent
Jumping Place
Easter Egg Hunt
Donate to charity 
Play Uno 
Have a Famine 
Ball pit
House Work 
Prepare for a candy sale
Take them to visit others
Have a sale in front of the house
Make air fresheners

Here is my spreadsheet of ideas that we pulled from throughout the summer:

Chapter Activity
1 Nephi  chapter 2 Camping
1 Nephi Chapter 10 Fisbee Tic Tac Toe
Jacob Chapter 7 Glow in dark paint side walk
Alma 11 Lemonade Stand
Helaman 11 Water fight
1 Nephi 1 Roast marshmallows
1 Nephi  3 Brass project
1 Nephi 16 Make compass
1 Nephi Chapter 8 Fruit cabob---tree of life
1 Nephi 17 Build a boat---milk carton
1 Nephi 18 Boat ride
1 Nephi 5 Build something
Mosiah 2 Serve another
Mosiah 10 Sew something
Mosiah 17 Play hide and seek
Alma 1  Donate to the poor
Alma 17 Zoo
Alma 46 Make a flag
Helaman 14 Stars
3 Nephi 8 Fly Kite
3 Nephi 11 Temple
Ether 2 Beach
Ether 3 Cave
Moroni 8 Hike
Alma 32 Seeds planted
Mosiah 4 Movie
1 Nephi 7 Glow in dark bubbles
Moses 2 Waterpark
Alma 60 Trash Day
Helaman 16 Water balloon pinata
Jarom 1 Archery
D&C 20 Easter Hunt
D&C 84 Popcycles
D&C 58 Bike Ride
JSH vs 17-End Scavenger hunt
D&C 133  Ice Blocking
D&C 25 Library
JSH vs 1-17 Picnic in the woods
Moroni 7 Sock puppets
Mormon 8 Bowling
Abraham 3 Petting Zoo
D&C 93 Sillouettes
3 Nephi 14 Fishing
Helaman 13 Slime
Alma 37 Tennis
D&C 82 Hand Knit
D&C 132 Drive in boxes---watch love story
D&C  46 Crayons melted
D&C 42 Candy necklases for friends
Moses 1 Largest bubble
2 Nephi 4 Diet coke and mentos blown up
Alma 5 Glow bath time
Moses 6 Q tip creations
Alma 34 Experiments
D&C 110 Paint room
D&C 135 Man hunt with nerf guns
D&C 70 Share with others
D&C 76 Degrees of glory activity
Omni Freezer preserves
D&C 87 See a war zone--manassas
D&C 89 Word of wisdom---smoothies
D&C 98 Obey laws activity
D&C 109 Angels craft
D&C 121 Twister
2 Nephi 5 Build temples out of sugar cubes
1 Nephi 15 Marble slide
Helaman 5 Kids in motion
D&C 9 Crazy hair day
1 Nephi 12 Fireworks

Oh, the possibilities!!!! 

Sooooooo much fun.............and spiritually educational too!   

Will you join us on our spectacular scripture summer? Do, and then tell me the fun activities you come up with for your family! I would love to hear them!!!

If your interested in our Bible Summer we are doing this year (2013)....Visit us often on as I will be blogging about all the fun!

You want to.... You know you do!


five2love said...

What a great summer activity. I might copy them for next year. Let me know what you do. Every summer we do a skill booklet, it has some spiritual stuff the need to work on, but your program looks great. I know you can do it. Your kids will have lots of fun! Thanks for sharing. Vanessa

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