Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Title of Liberty

Last night our scripture clue for our activity today was Alma chapter 46.    It's the chapter about Moroni making a Title of Liberty. In other words.... a flag with a message that they all wanted to remember to live by. 

Today for our activity, we also made some "Titles of Liberty".  I asked each of the kids to think of one word that they would like to stand for and that they would like to improve upon. Then we put it together in a flaggy-banner type thing.   

 Derek chose "HONEST"

I found it so cute that he wanted to decorate his flags with little googly eye balls. He said this is to help him remember to be honest even when nobody is watching. That just melted my heart! 

Lexi chose "TRUTHFUL"
(I'm sensing a trend with their virtue selections here)

Anyways, she had a grand ol' time fancying hers up too (perhaps a little too much)...ha ha! Bless her heart, she still hasn't learned that sometimes less is more. 

Joseph chose "LOVING" as his Title of Liberty.

 I suppose I should have made one for Sebastian saying "SHARE" cause know, he's 20 months old and he is pretty sure that everything belongs to  Him. But he is illiterate!    

Now where am I going to have them hang these masterpieces? What better place than above their door in their bedroom?  Each day before they leave their room, I hope they will remember their pledge and stand for truth and righteousness.

I'm thinking I better make one for me that says NICE!  Cause I do not feel very nice lately. 

Instructions:  To make these little babies, all you need is felt, any kind of letters, fabric glue and quilt binding.  Then sew them all together.  Hows that for the worst directions EVER! 

Go crazy with it! 


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