Sunday, August 5, 2012

Joseph's 11th Birthday!

We celebrated Joseph's 11th Birthday this weekend. I can't believe he is THAT old already. This means that he will be 12 next year and old enough to receive the Aronic Priesthood and pass the Sacrament.

Holy Toledo!

He has been doing lots of celebrating for his big day. He went to kings Dominion (a really cool amusement park) with his best friend Brandon. They had such a great time together!

For his Birthday party, he had a simple request.....bless his heart! He just wanted to get his four closest buddies together for pizza and a movie. So we ordered some Papa Johns Pizza for dinner and doughnuts for a "cake".

 Then I packed all the boys in the car and we headed to AMC to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid---Dog Days. Joseph has read all of these books, so he really wanted to see the movie on opening night with his friends. He felt so grown up seeing a late movie!

All he wanted for his Birthday was money to spend on whatever he desired. We went shopping on Saturday and he picked out all sorts of fun things including Nerf guns & DS Nintendo game equipment.

I could go on and on about how grateful I am for such an awesome first born. He is such a wonderful example to his siblings, friends and even his parents!

He is always looking for ways to serve others. Today while we were at Costco he saw a lady with two shopping carts trying to drag them out to her car. He was so sweet to ask me if it was OK to ask this lady if she would like some extra help. "Of course" I said! Nothing makes me prouder than to see my son looking beyond his own needs to help others, even strangers, around him. He does these kinds of things all the time.

So Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet Joseph who is such a treasure to our family! We love you to pieces!


AAlverson said...

Happy birthday joe we love u and miss you! We are so proud of the man your becoming.

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