Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lexi Turns 9.....Holy Crap!

My little Lexi has turned 9 years old. Time just seems to be flying!   What a fun week we have had celebrating her special day. On Saturday, we had a little party with her friends. Oh my girly goodness!!!

I wanted to surprise her with a fun tea party this year....because that has been one of her favorite things to play lately. So I sent out some tea party invitations to some of her closest friends:

I asked that each girl come in her formal wear.  Sometimes it's just exciting to dress up really pretty to go somewhere....ya know what I mean?

So, the morning of, I gave lexi's her invitation with her "party dress" to wear for the occasion.
She was so thrilled!


When her friends arrived they all got to add to their wardrobe with necklaces, rings, bowas and fairy wings. They all looked adorable!

After they were fully dressed....
They sat down for our Tea Party.

 I thought it was such a fun embellishment to have a bubble machine blowing all over their little party....

For lunch we had butterfly and flower shaped sandwiches....

Fruit topiary & cookies....

And of course decaffeinated tea, apple juice and lemonade.

Then, I had an etiquette professional come and talk about manners. The girls loved this and were very well behaved during the whole tea experience and may have even learned a few things. (:

They were all so delighted to earn their very own
Etiquette Certificate:

When they were finished with their very dainty lunch, we started a game of "pass the prize". When the music stopped the girl holding the present got to unwrap a layer of the well wrapped gift. Once they got through all 10 layers, the last girl holding it won the prize.

We also played musical chairs....

Freeze dance....

And they even had a little flower hunt where the one with the most flowers found was rewarded a prize.

The girls loved putting lip gloss on.....

And making their very own bracelet...

Of course the very fancy (or not) cupcakes were a big hit as we sang Happy Birthday.

And lastly, Lexi was delighted to open her guests gifts....

It turned out to be such a fun little party, thanks to The Little Tea Spoon people. Love them!!!  

On Lexi's actual Birthday, September 26th, I got to eat school lunch with her and bring her class a little treat.  She got the whole day off from doing her chores and she even got to stay up a little later and watch a show with me.  When Hubster came home from work we had her favorite and of coursecake and ice cream. 

Then she was finally able to open her birthday presents.  Since she is getting to the age of independence, we decided it would be a fun gift for her to have her very own vanity for her room to blow dry and comb her own hair and apply her lip gloss.

 Eventually she will want her own flat iron and hair spray.....but we are playing it one small step at a time. I'm sure she will have lots of fun playing beauty parlor with her friends when they come over too.  

What a wonderful little girl I have. I am so honored to have her in my life. I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming. She has such pure faith and seems to know what matters most.....even at her young age. She is always looking for opportunities to serve others. She is honest and upright in all she does. She is a wonderful sister and friend. I could not wish for a better daughter! What a bragger I am when it comes to my children huh? What can I say....I just love 'em!

Happy Birthday "Miss Beautiful"!


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