Wednesday, September 19, 2012


These last few weeks have been fantastic.  Last week was my first week back to running....and I ran a total of 30 miles..................   AND........I didn't even DIE! You should all be impressed because I certainly was! It feels so great to be back in the swing of things and off the SOFA!    

With my added strength, I have been able to hop back into THE HOUSE!  This week I have working on changing out the old brass hinges and door knobs for the more modern.....silver.

This is a big job my dears!

You see, when we moved in, we replaced all the aweful looking brass light fixtures to silver. But the thought of changing all the door knobs, hinges and door stoppers seemed like a daunting task. So I put it on the back burner. So we have had a half silver and have brass house for almost 3 years.

And who really cares? Only ME of course. So I finally buckled down and decided to tackle the house one level at a time.

I first tried to go the more economical way by spray painting them. I tried a few doors that I don't care too much about and learned that ........YUCK! It is not worth the time, and they turn out ugh! So, I decided that I am just going to slowly replace them all with brand new hinges and knobs. They look sooooooooo much better and are much less work than spray painting. However, they are a little expensive, so I have to do it slowly.

I have done all of the basement and main level now!  Woot woot!  I can't wait to finish the month.

I also decided that I needed to make obvious and semi-obnoxious signs to label each of the bathrooms.  We have four of them throughout the house and I wouldn't want to mislead ANYBODY who may be looking for one.  So I made these funny signs....


I had so much fun making them that I really want to label every room of the a hotel.  Can you imagine.....Laundry Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, etc.  It would be just as silly as can be.....but they look so pretty that I am SERIOUSLY tempted.  Hubster thinks I have lost my marbels. 

Anyhoooooo, I am just so glad to be feeling better and back to myself.  Now I just have so many little projects I would like to tackle before baby #5 comes. 


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