Sunday, October 7, 2012

General Conference

What a wonderful General Conference we just had.  It is such a blessing to listen to these inspired people for guidance that is specifically tailored to our own life and needs.  I always have a special feeling when we make a diligent effort to listen to conference as a family. It's amazing to me how every conference I receive so many answers to my prayers within the words of their talks.

I want my children to learn to love conference the way I do. Every time conference rolls around, I have tried to do different things to encourage reverence and attentiveness amongst our children. Sometimes they work really well, other times...not so much!

However, I truly believe that Heavenly Father knows our family and what will suite us best.  I had been praying for weeks for ideas on how to help my children get the most out of conference.  What a blessing it was so come across a few fun, new ideas that worked really well.  YEAH!!!

I decided that we needed to have 4 different for each session of conference.

On Saturday we did "Conference Sundae's".

This was a sweet little motivator for those who love ice cream....which is EVERYONE!    I printed off some desirable ice cream sundae items from the Internet. For each speaker the kids listened to, they had the chance to earn a "topping" for their sundae. They wrote the speakers name and what they talked about on the back of each topping or sundae item.  They also had to earn their bowl and spoon.

For our toppings, we got chocolate syrup, Carmel, sprinkles, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Andes mint chips and Oreos. (I know your drooling right now!!!)   None of my children would want a banana, whip cream or a cherry so we left those out. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the kids were listening to each speaker. 

During the second session on Saturday, I got a Jenga set to play. Its always fun to have a new game to play. We also got out play dough and building blocks to entertain little fingers while listening to the speakers. 

On Sunday we did "Candy Jars".  I chose four words that I thought would be said somewhat frequently.  We did LOVE, FORGIVENESS, SCRIPURES and FAMILY.  I filled each jar with a different kind of treat.....Skittles, Butterscotch, carmels and Starbursts. 

Each hour of conference was assigned a different WORD to listen for.  Whenever that word was heard, the kids could pick a little treat out of that jar.  It was so funny to hear them shushing one another so they would not miss "the word". 
Our last session we did conference BINGO.  We did this in April too and it was very effective.  And of course there were prizes, because what's BINGO without a prize? 

All in all, I feel really good about our family conference this October.  So many of my prayers were answered! I felt the spirit and can't wait to re-read the addresses when they come out in the ensign.  My hope is that my children heard a few things that touched their hearts.  These little opportunities to feel the spirit will hopefully stay with them and be a building block in their own personal testimony.


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