Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Love You Because....

Hubster and I are usually pretty good about saying our "sweet nothings" to each other. But other times, life gets very busy and we, like many others, fail to mention the nice things that make us happy and feel loved.

So I printed out this little sign and framed it for our bedroom:
 I have a dry erase marker close by to use as we write different reasons why we love each other that particular day. It's a great reminder for us to mention and acknowledge those sweet things about one another that are sometimes left unsaid.

It's always exciting to enter the room and find a love note from your sweetie pie!
 It's fun to be silly and creative with it too.

Do you want one for your love muffin?  It's so easy!  Just get an 8X11 frame and a scrapbook paper.  Pick the font you want from a word processor and print horizontally.  Easy Peezy! 

Now, go get moooshy!


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