Sunday, November 11, 2012


What a wonderful time of year!  I love the fall.  Warm sweaters, scrumptious soups, hot chocolate and sitting by the fire.  Need I go on?  We had a really fun Halloween too.  The kids carved their jack-o-lanterns the night before....during hurricane Sandy.  There were some mighty winds and a lot of rain, but we were safe and sound.  Not even a flicker of the lights.  Lexi was hilarious though (miss cautious) she was balling her eyes out thinking it was the last day of her life.  We are so thankful that all is well. 

Halloween day I was able to have some fun in Lexi's class room at school during their "Pumpkinmania".  I dressed up as a pregnant-big-bellied-witch and the kids were tickled pink to see that SOMEBODY was able to dress up.  Its really too bad that the schools don't allow the kids to wear their costumes. 

That evening we had our traditional Chili and rolls for dinner before heading outside for some trick-or-treating.  Joseph, Lexi and Derek all dressed up like baseball players and Sebastian was Batman.  Here he is with part of my costume on too....

The night seemed to go so quickly that some how the kids got out of a picture.  I am tempted to make them dress up all over again just for this post.......but nah!!!  Joseph went with his buddies while I took the younger three out for the first hour.  Hubster was the door man for the first hour and then we switched.  I could not beleive how much candy they collected.  We weighed it all and it came to a wopping 22 pounds.  Holy cavitites!!!  I was excited, however.  to hear that there was a dentist office in our area that would actually buy the kids Halloween candy.  So I offered to match what the dentist office would pay so they all got $2 a pound for their portion.  They were surprisingly excited to sell the candy and head to Target to buy a toy.  Great trade if I do say so myself! 

Happy Fall to Ya'all!


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