Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Visitors

This past week we had three visitors in our sweet Grandma Jensen, my sister Suzie and my niece kassey. We had lots of fun doodling around the town and enjoying each others company. It was so great to see them after 3 years.  The kids had so much fun playing with their cousin kassey.

Grandma is Sebastian's new she shared his bedroom with him and so patiently sat and played with him every day.  Grandma's are so wonderful!  It was so cute how quickly he warmed up to our if he had known them forever.

The other three kids had to attend school as usual, so their visits were more limited....but they still enjoyed having some extra members of the house to visit with.

While they were visiting, Lexi had a Piano recital.  She was happy that Grandma was able to attend too.

I love my family and feel so blessed that they made the arrangements and sacrifice to come visit us in our home.  I hope they enjoyed their stay as much as we loved having them.   


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