Saturday, November 24, 2012


How I love Thanksgiving! It's such a great opportunity to remember all that we all thankful for. Thanksgiving morning I woke up bright and early and decided to go on a long thankful walk with my Heavenly Father. It was so nice to be able to just pray the whole time and think of many of the things I was grateful for in my life. I would have been walking for a really really REALLY long time...but I have physical limitations these days (:...... however, I think I was able to scratch the surface pretty good.

I came home renewed and refreshed and ready to do some major cook'in. I did a little cooking on Tuesday and Wednesday so I wouldn't have to do it all on Thursday. For the first time ever, I brined my apple cider and lots of other seasonings.  I couldn't believe how much more flavor our turkey had this year. WOWZERS!    I am always so afraid of the bird that I make Hubster do that part....but I was determined to figure it out this year. I was so happy with how it all turned out. Of course, I left the carving to him:

I found some foamy placemats at the craft store for the kids to decorate this year for our table. They had fun writing down many things that they were thankful for and gluing all sorts of interesting craft items to them. I was worried about thier plates even sitting level on the table with all those puff balls and foamy things poking out.  Lexi was so sweet to help Sebastian with his placement......

That evening we headed over to some sweet friends of ours for some pie. With 6-7 families there, we had a great assortment of pies. It was so fun to try them all and put in our ballets for the winner-pie.

What a wonderful day!


AAlverson said...

Sounds like u had a great day. We missed u all. I am so thankful for a sister who is such a great example for me to look up to.

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