Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christ's tree Week 3

I can't beleive it is finally Christmas Day.  We have had such a special December learning more about the Savior and reading some wondeful stories that have helped us feel the Christmas spirit. 

Day 15: We opened this ornament that says CHRISTMAS with a little manger scene inside the capital C. 

Then we read one of my favorite stories called Christmas Day In The Morning.  It's a goody!

Day 16: We opened an ornament that says "LOVE"...which if there was one word that could describe the Savior.....I think LOVE would be it.

Then we read a story about love called "Trouble At The Inn".  This one always makes me cry....good tears!

Day 17: We opened an ornament that says "Noel" with a manger scene inside the O.

Then we read the story called "The Legend Of Why The Chimes Rang".

Day 18:  We opened this ornament of baby Jesus surrounded by sheep:

Then we read a poem/story called "Davey And The First Christmas" 

Day 19: We opened this cross ornament to remind us of the great sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf. 

Then we read this darling book that compares Santa to Jesus....called "I believe in Santa Claus".  It is a great way to have the fun of Santa Claus but to show how he can remind us of Jesus. 

Day 20: We opened an ornament of the wise men surrounding baby Jesus:

Then we read a poem story called The Christmas Guest .  I absolutely love this story because it teaches about how we are serving the Savior as we serve those around us.

Day 21: We opened this ornament that I had personalized for our family:

Then we read a story called "The Doll And The White Rose"

Day 22: We opened this ornament with some other animals surrounding Jesus:

Then we read the most wonderful story called "The Greatest Gift". I could barely read the whole thing because I was so choked up.  It truly shows how very fortunate we are and how we should be thankful for all that we have.  I wish I could find it online, but I have searched and searched and can not find it.  It's a story about 2 missionaries serving in a very poor neighborhood in Texas in 1966 and how they truly find Christmas.  If you want me to e-mail it to you, just leave a comment.

Day 23:  We opened this beautiful star for our tree.  Then we read a story called The Littlest Star

Day 24:  We opened this ornament that says : "Today in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you... He is Christ the Lord".  Then for a little change, we watched this very touching  VIDEO instead of reading a story. 

So that concludes our Christ-Focused Christmas tree for this year.  I am so excited to do the same thing next year and add special ornaments that remind us of the Savior and the true meaning of Christmas.  This has truly been one of the most special Christmas preparations we have done as a family.  Although we have not had a fancy activity everyday of the month, as I have planned in previous years, I feel that this Christmas has been much much more meaningful.  It has really helped us focus our attention on what matters most. 
 Merry Christmas!


Mama Moose said...

I am in love with how you did these devotionals. Can you please send me the "Greatest Gift" story you spoke of above? Thanks so much!
madolyn moore at gmail dot com

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