Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Time!

We had such a great Christmas Eve and Day this year.  Christmas Eve day was spent cooking our fancy meal....which everyone participated in.  I find it so refreshing that my children get so excited about the most simple things....even deseeding a pomegrante. 
To continue in the theme of the season, we decided to have the kids create and decorate their own manger scene ----instead of ginger bread houses.  I was so impressed with the detail the kids put into creating their mangers. 

Lexi was our manger scene artist!  If you look closely you can see 2 sheep, 3 wisemen, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus (wrapped in a fruit roll up).  She even created a horse that looks strikingly similiar to a dinosaur and 3 little chickens and a birds nest on the roof. 

This was Derek's.  He added a few other things....like  a sheep holding a sign that baby Jesus was born (or so he says), a fence.....and he even remembered to add some little poopy's for the horse.  He is all boy!  He also had lots of hay, and a yellow star on top.  Pretty good for a little 6 year old!

Joseph and I created this last one together.  The little brown thing is suppose to be a horse...ya'all! 

That evening after our yummy dinner and our evening devotional, the kids got to open up one present each....which of course were their pajamas. 

Christmas morning was very special.  I woke up bright and early before the kids to go for a run.  It was so great to just run and think of my Savior and his life and teachings.  It was a little foggy, still and so peaceful.  It seemed just like it may have been that special night in Bethlehem. 

I was able to come home before everyone woke up and see everyone's delighted faces as they came downstairs to see the tree and stockings fully loaded with gifts.  The kids got to open a gift or two every hour of the day.  It made the excitment last the whole day. 
I think I am most excited about all the games the kids received from their Grandparents.   I really want to start having a "Game Night" as a family every week.  You know what they say....."A family who plays together, stays together".   I am so excited to have some new things to play together and make memories with.  Many thanks to our wonderful Grandparents!


What a special day we have had playing together and celebrating the very best Holiday of the year! 


AAlverson said...

Sounds like you had such a nice Christmas. Miss seeing you all. Love all the activities thru the month. Can't wait for girls to be older to do teach them more. We have done the advent book you gave us several years ago and the girls love that. Love ya all.

Janelle said...

I am so inspired by what your family did! I love those ginger stables btw! Totally cute. I can't wait to steal your ideas for my family :)

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