Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christ's Tree---Week 2

I can't believe we are through the second week of December.  Christmas will be here in 10 days already.  This week has been so wonderful as we have read many memorable stories and added more ornaments to Christ's Tree. 

Day 8:  We opened an ornament of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. 

Then we read the story called "A Christmas Legend".   I could not locate the story online anywhere, so I scanned it in below.  It may be hard to see.  If you want me to e-mail it to you....I would be happy to. 


 Day 9:  We opened our tree skirt.  
I looked all over trying to find the perfect skirt for our tree.  I knew I wanted a white one...with the manger scene on it.  I was so excited to find this beautifully hand made lace skirt.  I found it HERE if you want one.  Then we read the familiar story of the Christmas Orange. This story always warms my heart as I think of the sacrifice of many to bring joy to one.
Day 10: We opened this ornament of baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph kneeling beside his crib. 
Then we read the story called "The 6th Word" found HERE.
Day 11: Today we opened this ornament that says "FAITH" ....

 on the back side it says "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible".

Then we read this wonderful book called "Angela and The Baby Jesus". It is such a great story of a girl who really did have so much faith. It is also kind of funny. Its a story about a little girl who stole the baby Jesus from the manger scene at the church because she thought he must be cold.....and how she wanted so much to help and warm him. This book always makes me giggle a little. It's a must have for any Christmas collection.


Day 12:  We opened an ornament that says "let Christ's Love Warm Your Heart"...which is just what it did as we read this wonderful story called "Christmas is for Love"...found HERE. 

Day 13:  The kids opened this ornament of a Christmas tree that says "Come And See What The Lord Has Done" .

  Then we read this cute book I found at Deseret Book by President Thomas S. Monson titled " The Christmas Train" .

Day 14: We opened this ornament of the manger scene:

We were not able to read a story tonight, as it was the ward Christmas party. But I will tell you that it is always such a miracle to see one of these parties put together. You can truly see the Lords hand in the preparaton.  So many helping hands make a seemingly enormous and overwelming task....possible. 
I am so happy with how our tree is turning out.  I am especially grateful for the sweet memories we are making each night as we laugh and cry as we read these Christmas stories. 





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