Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Gift

The other day I received a very strange, but wonderful that I never recall receiving as a Mother. I was feeling overwhelmed with the tasks of the day. It was the Monday before Christmas. I had decided at the last minute to prepare a special luncheon for the lady's I visit teach at my home on Wednesday. But since the previous week had been spent in christmas shopping, I felt like the house was a little unkept and needed some serious attention. I knew I needed to get it done Monday because Tuesday was my temple day....which would take most of the morning and into the afternoon. Wednesday I would need to do all the cooking. I was also feeling anxious to write down some thoughts I had that morning for my Sunday Relief Society lesson and get it more organized.

Now this wouldn't seem too hard, except that I am 31 weeks pregnant ( and easily exhausted) and I have a two year old who would not be happy with mommy spending the entire day cleaning and working on the computer. So I prayed for strength and help to some how be given the ability to accomplish my good intentions.

After I got the older 3 kids off to school, baby, asked to go back to bed. Sometimes he does this and will be in there for 10 minutes and then ask to come I assumed this was the case. However, I was delightfully surprised and a little worried when he slept until noon. I just kept cleaning and working assuming he would wake up any minute and demand my attention. After he woke up at lunch time I fed him and started to play with him when he asked again to go back to sleep. I thought to myself ..."there is no way he will actually fall asleep again....but ok...I will grant his request." He then slept until 3:30pm when the other kids returned from school. The most amazing thing is that he went to bed at his normal time with the other kids that evening. I was sure he would be up all night after sleeping all day.

While he slept all day I was able to clean the entire house, catch up on all the laundry, work on my lesson and take a decent nap. It was a serious miracle. But I was assuming the worst....thinking he would wake up vomiting or have another infection or virus to explain his severe drowsiness. But not so, my friends! He woke up healthy, happy and full of life...and hasn't been sick at all (its been over a week). The only explanation I have come up with......that repeatedly came to my mind that day was that it was a gift from a loving Heavenly Father who knew my intentions were in the right place. He was providing me the strength and ability to do all the things he wanted me to.

I felt so much love and truly believed that my Father In Heaven was giving me a gift.....the gift of time with a sleepy baby.


Linda Roylance said...

Wow. That is a real miracle, and such a blessing that you recognize it.

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