Wednesday, January 30, 2013

14 Days of Valentines

I have this tradition I started a number of years ago where I do the 14 days of valentines for my sweet Hubster. It is similar to the  "12 days of Christmas"....but you know..........for your sweetie-pie!  Hubster spoils me so much all year long that I feel like this is my chance to give back just a little. Each year is a little different...but the same idea. He basically gets a gift or special service each of the 14 days before valentines day. I have had a few people ask me about my plans this year, so I am giving you the early scoop.

NOTE TO HUBSTER:  if you are reading this before February are in big trouble and will forfeit all gifts and serves.....for your snoopiness!  (He has been warned)

Each year I try to choose a theme of some kind. This year, since we have been doing our "I Love You Because"... board the last few months, I decided that should be our theme.

Just a little side note:  These are certainly subject to change without notice. Sometimes I just get a hunch and change plans at the last second.....because....I am a woman! I also decided to go a little hog wild and create my own printables, that you are welcome to print out if you so desire, or don't.......whatever! They are just a simple "fill in the blank" kind of thing. (Print 2)

So here goes:

Day 1:
I love you because "Your a good listener".  His gift is a CD. 
Day 2:
  I love you because " You spend time with me".  We are going on a special date.
Day 3:
  I love you because "You make me snicker"....So he gets a bag of snickers candy bars.
Day 4:
I love you because "You surprise me".  For this day I surprised him with a special gift he wasn't expecting AT ALL (a baby)
Day 5:
  I love you because " You have big muscles". For this gift he gets a 30 minute message while he watches a favorite show on TV at night.  Actually its more of a present to me (:
Day 6:
 I love you because "You forgive me when I am sour".  He gets a bag of sour patch kids candy....because he loves these things. 
Day 7:
 I love you because " Your My Man".  I am giving him a big bag of M&M's.
Day 8:
 I love you because " You have a twisted sense of humor".  He gets a big bag of twizzlers.
Day 9:
  I love you because " You smell good". He gets a new bottle of cologne!  Yummy
Day 10: 
 I love you because "Your a hard worker".  For the gift today, he gets an entire day off from any kind of labor.  No dishes, no diaper changing.  He doesn't have to lift a finger.  This one will be on a weekend so he is sure to enjoy it.   
Day 11:
 I love you because... "Your a good driver".   I am going to clean out his car really good for his gift. 
Day 12:
  I love you because..." You are REAL".  I am giving him a package of Real Italian Ice's...because he loves these. 
Day 13:
  I love you because..."Your a nut" He loves the fancy mixed nuts from Costco, so that will be his gift for this day. 
Day 14:
  I love you because.... "You are a GIFT to me and our family." He gets a fun gift, which this year is a set of nice head phones...but you could do anything. 

I hope you will join with me in the fun and do this for your sweet man. It is the funniest, and cheesiest thing....but Hubster feels so loved and adored every year when I do this, that I can not stop. Please share your fun ideas you come up with too, so I can steal them for next year! 


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