Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby Shower Fun!

What a fun day I had today. A few of my sweet friends were kind enough to throw me a baby shower.   It's a lot of work throwing one of these I am so very grateful for the time and preparation that went into putting it together. Can I tell you how much fun it is to unwrap a whole bunch of frilly, girly stuff once again. I can't hardly wait to dress up our little a dolly. We have given away all of our girl It is wonderful to have a few things to start with.

Do you want to see some pictures from the must!

Now, you must meet a few of my friends who organized this shower for me:

This is Jill. She is pretty much the opitamy of kindness. She would literally drop anything to help somebody in need. She is so welcoming and always having get-to-gethers at her home. She is a social butterfly and did I mention she can seriously sing and guitar at the same time. She's a multi-tasker in every sense of the word. She is also one of my early morning running buddies. 

This is Stephanie. She is an amazing mother and friend. She is beautiful on the inside and out.  She is an inspiration to be around and she most consistently runs with me nearly every morning.....because she is full of charity too and is willing to slow down for a huge pregnant lady. She is so kind and always looking for ways to help others.  I count my blessings every day to know her!

This is Annie! She is also pregnant with her 5th baby. Which makes it even more amazing that she is helping plan a shower for me. She is my neighbor in every sense of the word. She has been there for all sorts of things.....from borrowing an egg, to child care at the last minute...etc. She is also my favorite person to send cookies over to. If I ever want it straight, I can ask Annie! She is also an inspiration as she prioritizes her life so well.

I feel so very blessed to have so many who took their time and their Saturday to come celebrate and pamper me to pieces. Love them all! Thank you thank you!


AAlverson said...

That looks like so much fun. U look great. I am so glad u have some great friends out there to take care of u. Wish I could do more for you. Love you and hope all goes well when that lil beauty comes into this world.

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