Monday, February 18, 2013

Bosch vs Kitchen Aid

Hubster surprised me one day with a new Kitchen Aid mixer he picked up from Costco.

I was ecstatic. My terrificl Mother-in-law had given me her old Bosch a few years ago....which I used nearly everyday for one thing or another.  I was so grateful!  However, that blessed beauty was nearly 30 years old. That machine could take anything. ANYTHING!    It even hopped off the counter a few times while kneading dough. The rim cracked a little...but that was the only damage. Then the cord started having a few issues, probably from being ripped out of the wall on its way off the counter. So to get it to work properly for my bread making needs, I just had to adjust the cord to just the right position and take the cracked lip off. Occasionally parts of the dough would plop out while kneading, but that wasn't a big deal...I would just stay close by and throw the chunks back in there.

Soooooo anyways, feeling a little annoyed at times but these small infractions, I voiced my desire for a new mixer to Hubster. Every time I went to Costco and saw a kitchen Aid, I wanted to buy one...cause they are beautiful and would look nice on my counter.

I had heard that Kitchen Aids were good for cakes and cookies, but Bosch's were much better for bread making. I really didn't care. I thought a new mixer of any kind would be fantastic. So when Hubster came home with the Kitchen Aid, I could not complain.

However, I soon realized what a difference this machine was from the dinosaur Bosch. It was so much messier. It had no lip on the rim or cover, so my flour would occasionally splash out of the bowl while mixing, even on the lowest speed. The engine didn't seem very strong either. It sounded like it might die if I turned it on for too long. But, oh my goodness! When I first tried to make whole wheat bread for the first time, it all came to a halt. In the Bosch I would make 4 loaves of bread at a time......a total of 12 cups of flour. So I put the dough hook on the Aid and let it have it. It died after 5 minutes of kneading. Like it seriously was smoking! The engine had overheated or blown or something. So I waited 10 minutes for it to cool down and gave it another try. It then kneaded for 30 seconds and died all over again.

So I took the dough out and threw it in the old trusty Bosch and let her finish the work. She did a spectacular job, as usual.

I put the Kitchen Aid back in the box and returned it to Costco. Interestingly enough, for an extra $100 you can buy a brand new Universal Bosch mixer on Amazon. So of course I did that.

Isn't she a beauty! These babies have an expected life of 34 years. They have a less then 1% failure rate and they are so freaking awesome. I watched some youtube videos on them and found that now I can actually knead enough dough to make 9 loaves of whole wheat bread in one batch. I can even make 5 batches of cookie dough....all at once! Holy smokes! Not only that, the new Bosch has so many neat improvements. For one, they have suction cups on the bottom, so the mixer won't hop around the counter while kneading. It has an easy and safer way to store the cord too. Those were the only complaints I had on the old one, so all is well!

I am so excited about our trade in that I can hardly stand it. I do a lot of baking, so this machine will be well "loved" just like the dinosaur.

Long story short:  Don't waste your time with a Kitchen Aid. Go for the golden Bosch! It's soooooo worth it! And if you just recently bought a Kitchen Aid, hurry and return it! (:


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