Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Candy Machine

Hubster and I decided that we really really NEEDED to buy a candy machine.

 Our children are delighted every time they pass one of these money takers in the store. They always insist on putting a quarter in there and waiting with anticipation for a little goody to come out in return. It's just exciting! 

It will be fun for the neighborhood kids to enjoy too. We may even let the grownups join in on the fun.

We ordered some fun jaw breakers. The ones that you suck on and they change colors every few minutes.  We also got some Mike'n'Ikes for those who can not eat a jaw breaker without choking. A really fun part is we are going to hide some big prizes in there. Perhaps a few capsules with a dollar or something else exciting.

This will be a fun incentive for the kids to help out with extra chores too.  Hubster and I have told them that if they are ever in the mood for a treat, they can come to us and we will give them a chore that will allow them to earn a quarter.  After all, there are always a few baseboards, or drawers that could use a good clean'in.  We are also going to use it when we notice the kids doing something particularly wonderful.....being kind, truthful, helpful without expectation for rewards.  It will be fun to surprise them with a quarter just for being fantastic little people!  I am also expecting this baby to do potty training wonders for my little Sebastian. 

Although it is not a "healthymom thing"  to give her children candy, it is healthy to offer positive reinforcements to get her children to do what she wants them least that is how I am justifying it! (: 


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