Friday, April 12, 2013

Do Less

Sometimes I feel like I am racing around like a chicken with her head cut off.  Cleaning this, cooking that, changing a diaper, running errands, etc.  and above all that, I try to fit in some fancy going to McDonald's Playland with two toddlers and a newborn and food and drinks and a purse and ........oh my gosh!

Such was the case the other day.  As the day went on and on I felt more and more anxious and stressed as I was trying so hard to fit it all in.  Then the distinct thought kept coming to my mind over and over again and I just had to smile at my Heavenly Father. (He has a great sense of humor).

"Mothers who less"!  

There was a talk given awhile back in General Conference titled "Mothers Who Know".  Julie Beck talked about this very thing.  Often times we race around  trying to do it all that we often forget or neglect what really matters most as a Mother-----just being with her children and spending quality time with them.      

So instead of trying to do it all, I am going to do less.....cause less is more!  


AAlverson said...

This is so true. It takes some getting used to for gals like us to accept some dirty dishes in sink, or dirty floors. But talking the time to relax or be with the kids is so worth it. These years go do fast and we don't always realize how just being there with the kids and letting them know they Are more Important then a clean house. You are wonder women. I look up to you for being such a great mom. Just make sure you are taking care of you too. Miss ya and love ya.

Linda Roylance said...

Whew. You made me tired just reading that. lol. That may be something that I actually did right when I had small kids. (dirty dishes in the sink more than I would have liked...but I did read "one more story") One great thing that my mother always said to me. "Everything has it's season. When you have babies and little ones, you do things differently than when your kids are older, and differently when they are grown and moved out of the house." I think we all need to listen to that sweet small voice more often :)

Tawny Stephens said...

That's so true Linda! There is a season for everything! There will be a time in my life when I can actually go to McDonald's play land without having a outright anxiety attack! (: love ya Linda!

Tawny Stephens said...

I know amy, its hard for ocd people like us to just accept a mess....but we all need to learn that skill! One day we will get this parenting thing figured out! You may be by little sister, but I think your the smarter one! #wishiwasmorelikeyou!

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