Wednesday, April 10, 2013

General Conference Tree

As I was thinking about what to do for conference this April to help my children listen and stay reverent, my mind kept turning to the iron rod and the tree of life.

The scriptures say the iron rod represents the "Word of God" .   The word of God comes from the scriptures and from our prophets and I decided we could build a "tree of life".

With each conference talk that was given, the kids could write what they learned, or what stood out to them on a paper leaf.  After they did so, they added that leaf to the tree.  I was so pleasantly surprised with how many things they heard and learned.  Look at all those leaves!


After each session, we read the new leaves.   I told them to pay close attention because those would be the trivia answers for our family home evening the next day. 

For family home evening I attached 4 strands of yarn that stretched across the room and led to the tree.  Each child started at the end of his/her "rod of iron".  Sebastian (the baby) even got to help by choosing a leaf off the tree.   I used the comments written to ask a question.  If the person asked gave the right answer, they moved forward along their rod of iron.  If incorrect, they went backwards a step. 

After our game, we talked to them about how the prophets and apostles messages are the word of God and are so special that we need to carry them with us and incorporate them into our lives everyday. As we do so, we are holding tightly to our rod of iron that will lead us to happiness and eternal life.

At the end, the child who reached the tree of life first got to pick his favorite kind of fruit for me to buy and share with the rest of the family.  Raspberries are on my shopping list!    We talked about how sweet the gospel is and how the fruit that was on the tree of life was sweet and very desirable. As we listen to the prophets and apostles, and live by their teachings, we can taste this sweetness in our lives.

I am so happy with how this all turned out.  My children were all very excited and told me they wished conference was EVERY DAY!  Partly because they were excited about their very own conference buckets that were filled with quiet things to work on:

I feel so blessed to be able to listen to conference every six months.  So many of my prayers are always answered as I listen.  I know its Heavenly Fathers way of showing me he is listening as I am listening. 



Linda Roylance said...

You never cease to amaze me! You are such a great example of a great mommy! Oh how I wish I had a "do-over" with my kids

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