Tuesday, April 30, 2013


One of my very favorite things to do as a Mother is  "Joy School". Its a preschool curriculum that helps Moms teach the sweetest and most wonderful values to their children.

I remember when my second child was about two years old and I had been praying for guidance on what I could do for her individually to build her self esteem and teach her important principles (besides everything else I was trying). Then my friend Natalie Christensen introduced me to Joy School.   I felt very strongly that this was my answer. I ordered the curriculum and songs and prepared it all in a file and got started!

We did the funniest things that we likely would not have made time for otherwise.

We made crafts

We played in shaving cream on a tarp:

and wrapped the kids up like presents:

 We even made plans to go on some educational feild trips: 

 We played and we sang the songs that come with each lesson LITERALLY all day long. My most favorite memories are these because I took the time to enjoy playing and learning.  

Little did I know how much joy truly came everyday by doing this with her.  We were closer, we had silly fun together and I really felt like I was doing my job as a Mother in teaching and guiding. Our lessons would spark conversations throughout the day that were valuable for her young little mind to learn.  We also enjoyed it when her little cousin Jackson over to join in the fun.

I enjoyed it so much with Lexi that I did it again with Derek and now I am doing it with Sebastian.
What a joy it brings to my life! I wake up excited about our lesson plans for the day. I feel like I have the best job in the whole world. My children enjoy it so much that it is worth every sacrifice to fit it in!

Joy School was designed to primarily teach children the simple joys in life, but I think it helps Moms feel the true joy that comes from being a Mommy even more!


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