Thursday, May 30, 2013


I am a Mom of five who is on the go....all the day long! We run HERE, we run THERE, sometimes I have to pull up UNDERWEAR. But in the mists of all this craziness, I find it essential! I do not want to grab a bag of chips or a spoon full of Mac and Cheese on the way out the door.....nor do I want to pack...yet another peanut butter and honey sandwich for a picnic. Ugh!

We do occasionally stop at the fast food joints and spend $30 to basically feed our family trash....but I do not like doing that very often! Soooooooo, I went on a quest a few years find the perfect, most tasty, well balanced meal replacement bar. I stopped at Target and bought everyone I could find in that "health-isle". Then I stopped at GMC and got some of their bars. I tried every last joke! I came to the conclusion that there was no such thing as delicious, convenient and healthy. I did not want to eat a chocolate covered vitamin....yuck!

So anyways.....I knew how much I loved the Isalean shakes from Isagenix, so I thought I would be brave and order a box of their meal replacement bars. I new they were healthy, but were they edible.....hummmm? Much to my surprise.....I absolutely loved them. My kids loved them.  They want to eat them for breakfast all the time.   

So....I carry these babies with me in my purse wherever we go.

If we go on a picnic....I have lunch packed in T minus 5 seconds. I feel good about it too because they cost me less than $3 a bar (with my wholesale membership) it's better than a happy meal. Not to mention that they have 18 grams of high-quality, undenatured whey protein.  They only have 210-270 calories in them and are perfectly balanced to keep your body in the "fat-burning zone" because they are low-glycemic!  The chocolate Decadence bars and the Lemon Passion Crunch bars are also loaded with adaptegens to help you cope with stress.  As with all Isagenix products, they are all natural with no added colors, flavors, artificial sweeteners or anything else that could be toxic to the body. 

My very favorite ones are the Chocolate Cream Crisp bars. The other flavors are also yummy....Oatmeal Raisin,  Chocolate Peanut Crunch, Lemon Passion Crunch and Chocolate Decadence.  So.......whatever! If you are local and want to come try one out, come give it a whirl.   Or you can order a box from my web site---no risk. If you hate their guts....Isagenix will refund you the money......everything is absolutely guaranteed.


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