Thursday, May 9, 2013

Isagenix Shakes are my FAVE!!!

The Isalean Meal Replacement Shake is my favorite thing in the pantry these days!!!.

Why do I love it?'s delicious!  I would rather drink one of these chocolate smoothies than get a chocolate shake at McDonalds. I practically lick the blender clean because I don't want to miss a single drop. I am just not one of those people who can choke down something disgusting just because its suppose to be good for you! My kids even love them!

Second: They are all natural. The shakes do not have any crazy stimulants, additives, sweeteners or colors added. Pregnant and breastfeeding woman can even drink them. Infact, they are actually encouraged to.

WARNING.......Tangent: during all my four previous pregnancies I gained about 35-40 pounds each time and it took me about 3 months to get back to my normal weight. With my fifth baby I drank these smoothies during pregnancy and gained only 16 pounds, had a 7.5 pound healthy baby girl, and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight after 7 days. I started out at the same weight each time and exercised during each pregnancy. The only difference was the Isalean shake.

Second tangent:  There have actually been studies done on the placenta of women  after giving birth who drank these shakes throughout pregnancy.  The women who drank the shakes had much more nutrient dense placenta's than other women who had just eaten a healthy food diet.  Super food for your super baby!

Ok, back on track....

Third: The Isalean shakes are built on the 40/30/30 ratio....meaning 40% of the calories are from good complex carbs, 30% from high quality whey protein and 30% from good fats. This is the ideal way to have a meal because it puts your body into the "fat burning zone" for hours after. Replace your dinner with one of these shakes and your in the "fat burning zone" all night...leading to fantastic weight loss. Replace 2 meals a day and your weight loss is even greater. I like to do this when I have eaten too much one day....the next day I just replace a few meals with shakes. It's awesome!

Last of all: These shakes are super economical. They cost less then $3.00 a meal. It's the best $3 I spend...I kid you not! They come in canisters that have 14 servings and retail for  $51.95.    If you sign up through me, you can get them at wholesale for about $40 a canister.   

If your a little nervous to try them, don't be. Just buy one canister from me at retail and try it out. If you love them, you can order them wholesale like I do. If you try them and don't care for them (highly unlikely) they are 100% guaranteed you get your money back. No risk.

I love them!  You will too!

The end!

Here's my web page to order:  Message me if you've got questions. 


Linda Roylance said...

Wow. Back to pre-pregnancy after 7 days. You Rocked it girl!

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