Friday, June 14, 2013

Fasting....& Isagenix

Let me tell you something I find fascinating.

We are encouraged to fast monthly in my church, more if needed....but at least once a month.  We have been told that we are never given a law which was not first spiritual.  The fasting experience shows commitment and restraint as we forgo our own physical desires, to obtain something more!  Our spirits are refined a little more.  Our strength to overcome challenges is increased.  So our spirits need fasting.  But I also find it fascinating how much our temporal body need fasting.  

I have been studying Isagenix for a few years and find it so remarkable the physical benefits of "fasting".  When doing Isagenix, you have a few "cleanse days" which are meant to let your body rest for a time.  By fasting, our bodies can more effectively remove impurities found in the body.  Isn't that so amazing?  As we are fasting for spiritual strength and help in our lives and the lives of others, on fast Sunday, we are also giving our body a rest ...(being it the Sabbath) and releasing sin that has accumulated in our lives. With Isagenix,  It is not necessarily a " true fast", according to the lords laws....but the benefits of reducing your caloric intake substantially for a day or two have shown to do remarkable things.  

In our brain we have dopamine receptors which control the "good, pleasurable, happy sensations".  When a person  lacks self control over and over the dopamine receptors in the brain are desensitized ....making it harder and harder to "feel good".  What's interesting is that the dopamine receptors are very similar in the brain of an overweight person and a drug addict.....both because they have lacked the self discipline over and over...their brains have begun to change.  So how do we get our dopamine receptors back in gear?   There are several ways.  One very effective way is by FASTING.   As we practice self-control regularly and fast regularly, we can actually change our brain chemistry in our favor, which makes it much easier to stay in shape and have self control when choosing what to eat.  

Another finding that has been proven is that it takes generally 21 days to make a new habit, or break a bad one.  By doing the Isagenix 30 day system, you are re-training your body and mind and creating new, healthier 30 days ( just a few more than 21 (: )  Also included in there are 4 cleanse/fasting days.  

One comment I get a lot is..."I can't afford to spend $308 on a one month diet".  What people don't realize is that that includes 60 of their meals.  How much do you spend at the grocery store to make yourself 60 meals?  It is just allocating your grocery budget in a different way, is all.

That being said,  I do always tell people before they decided to do the program, is to just pray about it to see if its a good decision for them, for their family and their finances.  Everybody is in different circumstances after all.  

So, if you find that you are lacking self control in your dietary decisions, on a regular basis, I challenge you to a 30 day transformation.  And when your family and friends ask you why your drinking a shake for dinner and eating things called "Scooby snacks" and Isadelights chocolates throughout the day, you can just tell them your trying to re-sensitize your dopamine receptors in your brain......and they will all think your super smart!


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