Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer 2013 Plan

(You will all be very excited that this is NOT an Isagenix blog post!  Lol!)

Its THAT time again....when school has ended and the kids are home from the summer!  It will be fun to have them home with me again to make memories together.  This summer we are doing a few fun things that I thought I would share. 

We did "Scripture Summer" with the Book Of Mormon last year and we had a blast and learned many new things.  So we are going to do the same type thing....but with the Bible--Old and New Testament of Jesus Christ.  There are so many fun ideas that I can hardly wait.  So check in periodically to see what crazy things we have come up with. 

Another thing we are doing this summer is PEDOMETERS!  I want to encourage the kids to be as active as they can and discourage TV watching!  So I bought them each a watch pedometer that is pretty slick (and inexpensive), if I do say so myself. 

Product Details

It keeps pretty precise  measurements of the steps they are taking throughout the day.  Before they go to bed at night, they will show me how many steps they did and I will write it down on our little chart (LOVE CHARTS).  It automatically restarts at midnight each night,.  They are also fun because they calculate how many miles they've gone as well as calories, heart rate, and time.  My kids absolutely LOVE them!!!  They are constantly showing me how many steps they are up to throughout the day. 

They say...."Look, mom....I just went 100 steps delivering the laundry". 
 And then I say..."I wonder how many steps it takes to empty the garbage, or to get the mail"?.....
Ha Ha Ha! Apparently It is a wonderful tool to encourage help around the house.
 I also want the kids to read at least 20 minutes a I told them I would automatically add 1,000 steps to their total if they did their reading.  Come to think of it, I could just add on steps for all sorts of good behavior, or deduct them for the bad. This plan is getting better, as I write!!!!
Anyways, at the end of each week, I will add up their mileage and who ever had the most steps during the week is rewarded a prize. 

Aren't I the naughtiest!  Maybe......


AAlverson said...

U always have the cleverest ideas. I love to see what you come up with.

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