Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Follow the Prophet with FEET"

I always look forward to General Conference so much!  To help my sweet children to pay attention, I decided to do our activities around the theme "Follow the Prophet". 
I thought it would be fun to do everything about FEET, hence the word "follow".  So we started out with our four jars of treats that somehow resembled FEET.  We labeled each jar with a word that started with the letter F.  Each time they heard the word, they got to bank one goody from the corresponding jar.  Our words were,,,,,
Follow, Faith, Family, Friend
These were the four I came up with after fiddling around the store for an HOUR! 
Chocolate covered pretzels
 Werthers, cause I think they look like little shoes
 Candy Corn, because they look like little pinky toes
Cheese-its, because they look like a big toe. 
I know its ridiculous.  WHAT-EVER! 
I printed a bunch of hollow foot prints on paper and cut them out for the kids to write down a special concept they learned as they were listening.  Our goal was to make a foot printed pathway from the front door to our picture of the prophet at the other side of the house. 
I am happy to say that WE DID IT!!! 
During the sessions, I took turns giving the kids a pedicure and foot messages, which was kind-of not that brilliant for the little ones, as it provokes endless giggles.  But it was really fun and it helped them mostly sit still. 
Then during each song, Hubster and I had the kids stand up and  perform some kind of competition on their FEET!  Here are a few ideas we came up with:
Standing on one foot during the whole song without tipping over
Sebastian perfecting his wall sits

You get the idea. 
It was fun to reward the winner with a "Fruit by the Foot" :
We went outside and used our FEET, as well as other body parts... to play a  friendly game of baseball together in between sessions too! 
What a fun way to spend General Conference together!  The kids enjoyed it and I was amazed with how much they heard!!!!...... and now they are in DE-TOX from all the junk food! 


Linda Roylance said...

I so wish I would have done stuff like this when my kids were younger! I'm lucky if I can get them to listen while the prophet is speaking. (Oh wow...I guess you can take that more than one way...scary! I HOPE and PRAY as a mother, that my kids are listening to the Prophet!) You always have such amazing ideas!

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