Friday, November 15, 2013

After School Snack Time

I decided to start a new tradition that I want to stick with forever and EVER more!  

After school snack time!  

This is probably a no brainer for others, as I'm sure every other mother in the world allows their children an after school snack,  but I'm a slow learner.    I didn't want the kids to come home and snack and then NOT have room for their dinner.  

But, dinner shhhmmminnnner........


Instead of rushing into homework and chores and piano practice,
we have our.....
"sit down, eat and talk about the day,
while I fold the enormous laundry pile and iron"

It's been so much fun to think of creative goodies to lay out for my little people.
Do you want to see my silly, delicious, slightly embarrassing snack ideas so far this month....which by the way, are NOT all healthymomtypestuff.......

"Orange-a glad your Mama loves you?"
(Orange Julius)

"Sometimes you scare me"
(Kiwi, pretzels, grapes)

"I'm nuts about you"
(nutty bar)


"I know I bug you sometimes, but I CER-IOUSLY love you"
(Celery, peanut butter, raisins)

"I love you even though you act like monkeys and drive me a little bananas" 
( banana and banana bread)

"I love you more than cookies"
(Oreos and milk)
 "I know its chili outside, what your warm in my heart"
(Chili, chips, cheese)
 "I love you love muffin"
(Poppyseed muffin)
 "You fill my life with sweet variety"
(No-bake protein bars...oatmeal, Isalean shake, coconut oil, honey, peanut butter)
"I love you to Peices"
(Reases Peices, marshmallows & raisins)

 "You make me smile"
(Watermelon, mini oreos, grapes)

"You add so much spice to my life"
(Isalean vanilla shake, pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin puree, ice, water)

"I love you berry much cupcake"
 (mini cupcake and raspberries)

"I will love you even when i'm dried up and pruney"
(beef jerky, raisin, prunes)

 "I'd go banana's without you"
(Bananas and melted peanut butter)

"I love you to the moon and back"
(Quesadillas and pickles...a winning combination, I know)

"Thanks for keeping me rolling"
(Homemade rolls and Smuckers Jam)

 "You've got me wrapped around your little finger"!
(Ham, melted cheese, pickle, toothpick)

 "I WHEELY love you"
(Pumpkin cream cheese roll)

 "I'm so glad you popped in to give me a hug"
(Cinnamon and sugar popcorn)

"You are my sunshine"
(Apple slices, string cheese and caramel dip)

"I think you are super sweet"
(Bananas, strawberries, grapes, apples)

"I love when you are happy afterschool" (hint hint)
(mini pizzas, apples, carrots)

"I love having you a-ROUND"
(vanilla wafers, pineapple cubes in a round cup)

 "I missed you today"
(Cheetos, strawberry, almonds, beef stick, m&m's)


"I think you are T-riffic
(Cheese stick and Nutrigrain bar)

 "Weather your wet or dry, I love you just the same!"
(Wet apple sauce, dry fruit strip)

"I'm so proud of the "EGG-CELLENT" job your doing in school"
(Scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese)

"Happy Halloween little pumpkins"
(Orange, almonds, pretzel, string cheese)

"I hope you used your noodle today!"
(Macaroni and cheese)

"I'm so glad you came out of my big round belly!"
(Chocolate chip Cookies)

"Here's Lots of love and a few kisses from your Mama!"
(Pretzels and Hershey Kisses)

 "Thanks for pudding up with me"
(Pudding and oreos)

 "You were mint for our family"
(Hot cocoa and a candy cane)

"Let's stick together forever"
(Bread sticks and marinara)

 "Thank goodness your stuck with me forever"
(Chocolate Caramel apples)

They'll be more to come.....


Linda Roylance said...

I love this!!

AAlverson said...

What a fun mom you are. I bet you make them smile. I just love all the clever ideas you get. I wish I had that skill.

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