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The "Poop Party" Synopsis!

I had a POOP party last Saturday.  

Cause that is what normal people!    

If you've never been to such a party, it is one in which girls get together and talk about digestion, fiber and probiotics and where they bring colon friendly refreshments to share.   In case you missed it, or have never been to such an exciting party, I thought I would summarize what we talked about.

My friend Emilie who is a nurse, mom, and genius came and shared some incite from her medical study and profession with a gastrointestinal doctor.  It was very should have come!  If you want her notes, email

For my portion, I talked about our "Second Brain".    The latest scientific evidence suggests that our gut is actually just THAT. Who would have thought???   The brain and gut have a lot in common, including the ways in which nerve cells talk to each other.  I would also add that they can both be full of a lot of crap!  Tee hee!  

Apparently, our gut produces 95% of the seratonin in our body.  That's one of those "feel good chemicals".  It also controls how fast food moves through the digestive track and how much mucous and fluid is secreted.  We have 14 different kinds of receptors in the intestines that react in different ways to serotonin.  All these communications allow for an ongoing conversation between the gut and the brain.


The gut is the chatty one, sending up nine nerve impulses for every one it receives in return. Ha...that sounds a lot like my conversation with my hubster.  He's brain one, I'm brain two.
Annnnnnyways.........Even with all this checking in, the gut can operate largely independently of the brain — making its own measurements and assessments, initiating its own decisions, and learning its own lessons.  It's kind of its own little person!

One communication between the gut and the when substances threaten to breach the gut's lining — like stress hormones, candida overgrowth and toxins — the brain activates the immune system's special agents to guard the gut wall. Histamines are then secreted that induce inflammation. The inflamed tissues become overly sensitive and overactive, deregulating the production of serotonin.   

If our serotonin is not regulated normally, ain't  nobody happy!!!  This makes it very important to keep our guts in BALANCE.  

We talked about a few things that throw our guts out of balance....

 AntibioticsOne dose of an antibiotic wipes out the good and bad bacteria in the colon.   Also, ingesting dairy and meat products from animals who are treated with antibiotics have an impact.  Once this imbalance occurs, yeast continues to multiply as it is fed, with sugar, processed and refined carbs.  When people are not consuming enough probiotics to help balance out their digestive tracks after the harsh attack of antibiotics, their digestive track becomes out of balance.

Stress:  When under chronic stress the body produces a hormone called...norepanephrine.  This affects the balance of the good and bad bacteria in the gut.  Also, when the body is constantly producing cortisol (the stress hormone) in high amounts, blood sugar is released into the bloodstream and feeds the yeast.
Caffeine:  Even 1 cup, kills 75% of the good bacteria in the intestines.
Over consumption of sugary foods:  Candida thrives on sugar. Sugar is the fuel which helps yeast thrive, grow, and multiply. That’s fine for baking bread but not so great when the yeast is multiplying in your intestine. 

Some fermented, tea, alcohol, some cheeses

Allergen producing foods....wheat, dairy, soy and corn: 
When someone eats a food to which they are allergic, they often suffer from gas, stomach pains, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, or multiple skin complaints. These allergy symptoms will keep the good bacteria in our digestive systems from working as effectively. Part of this good bacterias job is to keep the Candida  in check. Instead, it tends to grow out of control and convert to the more destructive fungal form more quickly.
People often aren't aware of their own food allergies. Sometimes they are difficult to detect. Therefore, you might be regularly ingesting something that gives you some level of allergic reaction. These are the more dangerous allergies with regard to Candida development. As they regularly add stress to your digestive and immune systems, Candida is given an opportunity to grow.

Birth control pills: 
Yeast cells have estrogen receptors which are stimulated by hormones in the birth control pill, and can cause the growth of yeast.


SOOOOOOOOOOOO, when our good bacteria is wiped out and our diets are the typical American diet that consists largely of milk, wheat, soy and corn (the most allergenic foods), not to mention all the refined sugars.....the yeast in the intestines continues to multiply, year after year, 24 hours a day and if not treated it will change from a pathogen to a fungus with roots. 

This is called candida overgrowth.   It's estimated that 70% of the population has candida overgrowth.  

With roots, it burrows into  the intestinal lining.....

and creates leaky gut syndrome, which then allows fungus and by products to enter the bloodstream. 

This can lead to a host of other health problems.  Once these toxins are in the bloodstream they affect all the communication neurons that help the brain and body to function normally.   

 This is no good because all these toxins stress the liver out.   It's hard for the Liver to break down undigested proteins, microbes and their by products.  If the liver can't keep up with the overload of toxins, (just like I can't seem to keep up with the laundry) they will be stored in the liver or recirculated in the body...then making the liver more inefficient.  
 In a toxic body (from leaky gut), the bile  from the liver which is suppose to have antibacterial properties becomes thick and sludgy, hampering its function.  (This is one reason why it's so important to cleanse your liver regularly.)

 Leaky gut syndrome is considered the leading cause of Autoimmune Disease in the industrialized world. Autoimmune reactions cause a breakdown of the blood-brain barrier and allow toxic, inflammatory chemicals called cytokines to leak into your brain. This sets off a massive chain reaction where your brain starts creating more inflammation against itself.

So with our liver unable to flush toxins out, and our immune system compromised, people start to develop persistent symptoms like ear infections, sinus problems and allergies.  If it's left unresolved, it could develop into endometriosis, autoimmune diseases, hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, autism, etc.  Whatever your genetic weakness is determines which system or organ is affected.  

I told hubster about this and he asked "what if your genetic weakness is that your ugly.  Do you get uglier? What a goof!!!
With a leaky gut the door is open for toxins to reach the brain via the bloodstream.  This disrupts many of the transmitters, so we get brain fog, anxiety, depression, etc.  

You know what's interesting.....There is a direct link between leaky gut and behavior issues like ADD and ADHD, OCD in children.  85% of children with behavioral problems also have leaky guts.  Crazy huh!
leaky gut also makes it difficult to lose weight.  The toxins in the blood stream need to go somewhere away for the vital organs in the body, so they imbed themselves in the fat tissue....and your body actually programs itself to hold onto fat, in an effort to protect its vital organs. 



We talked about several candida overgrowth symptoms, which you can find HERE.  Suffice it to say, that candida seems to affect EVERYTHING because it severely affects absorption of nutrients and encourages toxicity.

If you think you have candida overgrowth, or suspect that you do, I would highly suggest reading this book called "The Candida Cure" by Ann Boroch.  

Here are a few ideas on how to tackle this YEAST-BEAST!

 1.  Starve them:   Candida flourish in the presence of both refined and unrefined sugar. Cutting off their food supply can bring their numbers back to a healthy level. They also love refined flour products and some things that are fermented, such as alcohol and soy, so if you have a serious overgrowth, you may need to cut out all of the above for a number of consecutive weeks.

2.  Use a broad spectrum anti-microbial that addresses yeast, fungus, bacteria, parasites and viruses!  

3.  Stock up on probiotics:  
 You can take supplements containing up to 30 billion total flora per day.  Eating plain yogurt with "live and active cultures" is a great way to restock your probiotics.  Here's my very favorite way, and least expensive way to get probiotics in. 

4.  Increase fiber:  The bowels are key to the body’s elimination process. When traffic is backed up, toxins from the bowel leach back into the body and can cause a multitude of inflammation-based health problems in everything from your digestion and skin to your heart and brain.  It can also throw the PH level in the large intestine off creating a breeding ground for yeast, parasites, bacteria and viruses. 
Flax seed:  Organic flax seed is fantastic for removing toxins, such as mucous, yeast and other debris that have built up on your colon wall.  

5:  Enzymnes:  Help the pancreas:  it's job is to secrete digestive enzymes and produce insulin.   Most enzymes are destroyed in foods that are processed, refined or cooked at temperatures above 118 degrees.  Raw or lightly steamed foods, on the other hand are rich in enzymes.  Therefore, diets loaded with refined carbs, sugars, and overcooked foods, weaken the performance of the pancreas...making you more susceptible to yeast overgrowth, hypoglycemia, and diabetes.  Also....make sure your getting your Magnesium.  It helps activate these enzymes that your body needs. Nuts, whole grains and leafy green vegetables contain magnesium.  

 6.  Cleanse the body on the inside (I have a great program for that...just ask me)

 Other good nutrition to help candida overgrowth:  

Apple Cider Vinegar: It balances the pH level of your body and can prevent harmful pathogens like candida from growing out of control. A teaspoon to a tablespoon taken before each meal can aid digestion and prevent undigested food particles from feeding candida in the gut.

Black Walnut:  It contains tannins that not only kill fungal overgrowth like candida, but also kill parasites. It may be especially useful for those who suffer from both candida overgrowth and a parasitical infection. 

Aloe Vera: This is a great detoxifier for the entire body, but especially for the overburdened Mr. liver – the organ that cleans the Candida by-products from your blood.  Aloe is great for general intestinal health. It contains enzymes that help break down fats, sugars, and starches, and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine.  The Candida yeast breeds in your intestine when transit time is too long, but Aloe can help by alleviating constipation. The colon is another point in your body where toxins collect, and Aloe’s mild laxative effect loosens the toxin buildup and flushes it though your system.  Aloe Vera repairs and seals your intestinal wall, which stops Candida from actually penetrating through into your blood stream.   It's pretty much awesome!  
Garlic and grapefruit seed extract may be of some help.
Oregano Oil: has been clinically tested to show active elimination of excessive candida

Magnesium:  Statistically 68 to 80 percent of Americans suffer magnesium deficiency, much of which is caused by excessive Candida overgrowth in their gut.  Diuretics, caffeine, sugar, salt and alcohol can deplete magnesium levels.

Other symptoms of a magnesium deficiency may include insomnia, rapid heartbeat and mental confusion. 
Women need approximately 310 mg to 320 mg of magnesium daily and men need between 400 mg to 420 mg of magnesium.  
Cayenne pepper:  it stimulates digestion and muscle movement in the intestines, which helps restore deficient digestive secretions and aids absorption of food nutrients. (Stomach acid tends to decline with age, and some cases of poor digestion are related to a lack of this acid.). Work up to ¼ teaspoon of cayenne in any amount of water 15 minutes before each meal.  
Take high quality vitamins:  The abnormally large numbers of bacteria in the small intestine use for their growth many of the nutrients that a person would normally absorb. As a result, a person with small bowel bacterial overgrowth may not absorb enough nutrients and will be malnourished. 

Spiritually Speaking:

In Alma and in mid-evil times, fortresses were built around castles and cities to protect them from enemy attacks.  Same thing with our gut.  We need to build up fortresses (good bacteria) daily so we can protect ourselves against infection and leaky gut syndrome.  

The Word of Wisdom given in the scriptures (Book of Mormon) counsels us to choose our diets with care. It uses words or phrases like “wisdom,” “used with judgment and skill,” “used with prudence and thanksgiving,” “used sparingly.”  One of the promises we are given as we do this is that we will “receive health in our navel and marrow to our bones".  Interestingly, our navel is directly in front of our digestive track.   Food for thought!  


Our health and wellness nights are NOT intended to be "Sales Presentations", but there are a few Isagenix products I will mention in this recap that I would highly recommend, just in case your interested....

Isaflush:  Great source of magnesium and black walnut and overall digestive health
Natural Accelerator:  Contains apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper ....this is a great one to take before meals ( because it's more fun to swallow a pill than drink vinegar and cayenne pepper)
Cleanse for life:  Contains Aloe Vera.  Great for cleansing the liver and blood
Fiberpro:  Great for a colorless, tasteless live and active probiotic.  It contains 5 grams of fiber from 5 different plant sources.  This is a much less expensive way to get probiotic supplements and higher quality than general pharmacies.  
Enzymnes:  Great to take before meals to aid in digestion









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