Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Week and Spring Break

What a blessing it was to have spring break the week preceding Easter this year.  It was perfect timing to do some special fieldtrips to remind us of the last week of the Saviors life.  This year I focused more on fieldtrips, considering spring break....but we also had a WONDERFUL time last year the "non-fieldtrip" style. 

DAY 1---Palm Sunday: 

Sunday we talked about the Saviors triumphant entry into Jerusalem and how the people honored him and went the EXTRA mile by laying palm branches on the ground in front of His donkey. I wanted the children to be more aware of when and how to go the extra mile.  I filled up a jar of jellybeans and temptingly (wink, wink) placed it on the piano with an empty jar next to it.  I told the kids that throughout the week I would be watching them keeping a special eye out for their "extra miles" as they served those around them.  "For inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me".

It was my intention to have each child write their guess as to the number of jellybeans on a piece of paper each time I observed them going the extra mile. With the closest guess being the winner.   However, there was one in the family who far exceeded the entrees of the others, so they ended up just winning the jellybeans on Easter morning.  It was fun to see the kids throughout the week trying a little harder to serve each other and trying even a little harder to make their beds nicely. 

Day 2 (Monday)---Cleansing The Temple:
For Day 2 we went out on a fieldtrip to the Washington DC Temple.  We walked around the visitor center and the beautiful Temple grounds.  We talked about how the Savior "Cleansed the Temple" on the Monday before his death and what we could learn from it.  I brought everyone a bottle of bubbles to blow toward the you know...."CLEANSE IT".....while we were walking around.

Day 3 (Tuesday)---Jesus Taught in Parables:

I chose the parable of the Mustard Seed this year , since I'm kind of into seeds right now......hence my previous post.

Luke 13:   "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches."

So we went on a fieldtrip to a place called "Flight" where the kids could fly in the air and pretend to land in the branches thereof.  (: 

We also talked about how when we exercise a small particle of faith like a mustard seed that it will grow into a tree which then can become a safe haven for the birds of the air.  As we likewise show faith, it not only helps us grow, but can provide safety and help to others. 
Day 4 (Wednesday)---Jesus rests in Bethany:
Not much is recorded for this day in the scriptures, but it is thought that the Savior rested in Bethany.  I'm pretty sure with his busy schedule all week,  He was likely catching up on his laundry.  So that's exactly what we did !  We took a "rest day" and caught up on the house work.

Day 5 (Thursday)---  The Last Supper
Last year we cooked a lamb and nobody dared to eat more than a few bites, so I decided that this year we would have a special feast while visiting the lambs at the Reston Petting Zoo.  The kids got their own bottle to feed those cute little thangs!  Feeding the lambs, turned out a much better plan than eating them, for sure!!!

We did have our little feast that may have been somewhat typical of that time.  We had unleavened bread (crackers) grape juice (wine) bitter herbs ( pickles) and since I'm sure the cow was likely a commodity back them, we had some cheese and jello pudding!  In other words, it was a lunchable !  Lol.....

Kendyl eating her "bitter herbs"


Day 6 (Friday)---Jesus Crucifixion:
Since day six was the day the Savior was crusified and the whole earth was in commotion, we went to Kids in Motion where it truly feels like your in an earthquake.


Day 7 (Saturday)---The Jewish Sabbath:
To celebrate the Jewish Sabbath we talked about how the Sabbath Day can and should be like a little paradise.  When we honor the Sabbath, we feel rejuviated and recharged for the week ahead.  Our feildtrip today was to a place called "Paradise Park" where the kids went to the batting cages, miniature golfing and to play on the jumbo jungle gym.

We discussed how these are fun activities to do during the week, but NOT on our special Sabbath day. 

Day 8 ---Easter Sunday: 

We started out this morning talking about the resurrection of the Savior.  I was assigned to opportunity to play the part as Mary Magdalene in Primary, so I shared with the kids the story from her perspective.  We then made cinnamon rolls for breakfast because it reminds us of the double amount of manna that was given on Friday mornings to Moses and the children of Israel to help them keep the Sabbath Day Holy and not have to work for their sustenance. 

Since the tomb that covered the Saviors Sepulture has been rolled away, we hunted for eggs which also ROLL.  The kids had fun finding that which was hidden!  There is so much symbolism in all the traditions of Easter!  I love it! 

 I was so excited that my sweet friend Jennifer was kind enough to embroider the kids Easter baskets.  Aren't they adorable???


Each day of this week was filled with many good discussion on the Saviors life and resurrection.  It was so wonderful to spend quality time with my children and teach them with little experiences too.  I hope they will remember the great sacrifice our Savior made for us and how his life, is truly, in every sense of the word, an outline for what ours should be! 



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