Monday, April 21, 2014

Faith is Like a Little Seed.....

Hi!  I'm back!  At times, the craziness of life puts me in a bit of a whirlwind.  When life demands seem to speed up, I feel an EXTRA need to do as President Uchtdorf has counseled , "to slow down and focus on the essentials".  In so doing, things such as blogging have taken a back burner.  But, hey......let's just ignore the blog drought and enjoy a little rain... Huh?  

Speaking of droughts and rain...(this is all relevant ya know), I was praying for inspiration on how to best help my little ones learn from this Aprils General Conference talks of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.    I kept thinking of the primary song that says "Faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow".  Since April is the time of year when gardens are planted, I found it great timing to use this as our THEME.  

So the Monday evening before General Conference, we had a special Family home evening lesson about the four ways talked about in Mathew Chapter 13 to plant a seed.

We talked about what each of them meant: 

*Wayside:  Those who hear the word of God but do not understand it and fall into the clutches of Satan.

*Stoney places:  Hearing the word with joyfulness and thrive as long as all goes well, but when the pressures of life come, they are offended and do not endure.

*Thorns:  Hearing the word, but worldliness and riches are more important and they fall away.

*Good Ground:  Those who hear the word, live it, understand it and reap great eternal rewards. 

We talked about which of the four ways would likely bring about the strongest plant!  Of course they said the seed which fell into good soil.

I had 4 jars ready to fill with our good seeds.  One with rocks, one with thorns, one with good soil and the other with a little soil.  Each of the older children were able to plant their seed in the designated jar. It was fun to water them and watch them throughout the week. 

Funny story though, we only had ONE of the four seeds that turned out to be a "Good Seed".....and here it is, joyfully growing among the rocks.  It will need to be transplanted into "Good Ground".  Isn't it fun when great object lessons go bad???

We also set up some construction paper "soil" on the wall and as the children learned things, they would write them down on a flower and "plant" them in our paper soil. Our garden grew a little at a time, but was beautiful to behold after all the sessions were heard.....


(Let's ignore that fact that nothing is centered here)


Derek and Sebastian hard at work in their "Garden"

We also had a little fun reward for those who listened and participated......  

  Dirt cups, with worms and all!  

Terrible iPhone pictures...but, you get the idea, right? 

The kids each had their conference buckets filled with their flowers, clipboard, new crayons, and sunflower seeds.  

I was so thankful for the sweet messages of conference that fill our homes with sweet words of wisdom and the spirit of The Lord!  

I love Conference week!  


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