Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer With The Prophets!

It's summertime again and I am sooooooo excited about our theme this year. The last few summers we have had "Scripture Summer" where our activities were based around a particular scripture found in the Book of Mormon or Bible.  For a change of pace and variety, we are going to focus our summer 2014 on teachings from the Prophets and Apostles. 


.....with the Prophets!!!

How inspiring it would be to spend a week vacation with each of the Apostles and Prophets. Come to think of it..............  THAT  is exactly what we are going to do....minus their body!   We are going to invite them to OUR summer vacation......in spirit !

I really want my children to get to know each of these wonderful and inspiring men and their teachings on a more personal level.  So we are going to share a story each morning and do an activity that goes along with their story.  My hope is that by doing this, their stories will be better applied and more easily recalled. 

Each week of the summer will be dedicated to the Prophet, his counselors or one or more of the Twelve Apostles. 

Here is a sneak peak of a few activities and stories we will be doing, just to give you an idea. I will be adding our activities in as we go, so check in often.  We are going to try to do one most week days and maybe even a few Saturdays.  I hope you will do it with me and share your ideas!

Thomas S. Monson's week: 

Henry B. Erying's Week:

-Make cement stepping stones after reading his talk "Mountains To Climb"
-Wood carving after reading "Help them aim high"
-Lunch under a pavilion after reading "Where is the pavilion"

Deiter F. Uchtdorf"s Week:

-Feed the ducks with giant baguettes after reading "Grateful In Any Circumstance".  Finger paint rainbows with the little ones.
Watch a sports event after reading "The way of the disciple" 
Do a mud race after reading "Two principles for any economy"

Boyd K. Packer's Week: 

Look for frogs at Hidden Pond after reading "The Weak And Simple Of The Church".

L. Tom Perry's Week: 

Russell M. Nelson's Week:

Visit an Aquarium after reading "Thanks Be To God"

Dallin H. Oaks Week:

Go on a hike after reading "Desire"
Do some service for another after reading "Unselfish Service"
Watch an uplifting movie after reading "Powerful Ideas"
Lay on the lawn at night and star gaze and collect fire flies after reading "Good, Better, Best"
Have a watermelon eating contest after reading "Focus and Priorities"

M. Russell Ballard's Week:

Plant, buy or pick tomatoes after reading "This Is My Work And My Glory"   
Go to the mall and go school shopping after reading "Learning the lessons of the past"

Robert D. Hale's Week:

Visit a battlefield after reading "Stand Strong In Holy Places"

Jeffery R. Holland's Week:

Go fishing after reading "The First Great Commandment"
Play basketball after reading "The call to be Christlike"
Play board games after reading "Lord I believe" 
Be secret angelic helpers after reading "The ministry of angels"
Look through scrapbooks and journals after reading "Remember Lots wife"

David A. Bednar's Week:

Sunrise Breakfast while reading "The Spirit Of Revelation"

Quentin L. Cook's Week:

 Make a scarf craft called roots and branches after reading "Roots and Branches"

Todd D. Christofferson's Week:

Visit the county fair after reading a story from "Reflections On A Consecrated Life"

Neil L. Anderson's Week:

Go on a bug hunt after reading
"Prophets And Spiritual Mole Crickets"

Other activities and talks we did this summer:

Went to kids in motion after reading Ineria by William Bennett
Boat Ride after reading "The Lords Wind" by Elder Groberg

Go to Great Waves after reading "Master the tempest is raging" by President Hunter

oh, the fun!  I'm so excited! 


Geraldine Trickett said...

You have the best ideas. Makes me wish I had little kids so I could do it all over again!

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